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Student-Led Public Engagements

The following session is divided into two presentations:

1/ Hannah Byrne and Margaux Robillard, 2nd year Masters’ students on the Arts Masters course, Speciality: Production of exhibitions and New Patrons artworks

  • International House, University of Lille, science campus. A commission defined by the team of the international student centre with the mediation of New Patrons curators from the Masters’ course.

2/ Leonardo Dell’Anno with members of the OCADU LiVE

  • The OCADU LiVE team discusses their involvement with OCAD University’s for students, by students video channel—thoughts on audience, lessons learned, and how this maps onto their professional development as artists and designers.



Leonardo Dell’Anno, Producer of OCAD U LiVE

Leonardo Dell’Anno is a Canadian Screen Award-nominated Producer with a demonstrated history of working in the entertainment industry for nearly 20 years. A graduate of Humber College’s Film and Television Production program, Leonardo is an award-winning producer of film, theatre, virtual reality, digital media and music videos. Formerly the production manager of the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab for over 8 years, he later produced theatrical escape games for Secret City Adventures, in collaborations with brands such as Shaftsbury Entertainment, Pioneer Black Creek Village and Casa Loma. Leonardo has also been involved in several interactive media projects internationally including works displayed at the 01SJ Digital Arts Festival in San Jose, California and SXSW Interactive Music & Film Festival in Austin, Texas. Leonardo is currently working at OCAD University as producer of their 24/7 digital channel OCAD U LiVE, featuring exclusively content created by students fostering some of the future’s brightest content creators


Vladimir Kanic (Vlad), OCAD U LiVE Content Creator

Vladimir Kanic is a videographer and editor currently working for OCADU Live shows Morning With Mia, Max and Mia Show and Newscad. He is also a video and photo documentarian for public art festivals such as Big Art TO and the Awakenings where he travels around Toronto interviewing the artists and recording their large-scale projections on the buildings. His Big Art TO documentation is a foundation for the public art show on OCADU LiVE.


Mehnaz Lamia (Mia), OCAD U LiVE Content Creator

My name is Mehnaz Lamia (Mia) and I am an international student from Bangladesh. I am a third year Creative Writing student and also your host for the OCADU Live show “Morning With Mia” and “Max and Mia Show”. I am very passionate about journalism and bringing students together into a community. In my shows, I deliver the latest news, especially to all the students who can’t be here on campus due to the pandemic, and I interview students, faculty and administration on everything OCADU.I feel inspired by all those creative individuals, and it gives me an outlet to connect with them and all of you. I hope to learn and grow my-4 as an artist through this journey. Catch my episodes every week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday right here in the CADU Live website.

Arts Masters Course Students

Hannah Bayne 

Margaux Robilliard

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