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New Patrons, New Directions

Amanda Crabtree, director of artconnexion (Lille) and chair of Société des Nouveaux commanditaires en arts & sciences:

  • Introduction to Nouveaux commanditaires and two commissions implemented at the university of Lille as part of the Masters’ course – where students initiated the brief and then took on the role of mediator

  • Vagabond Flux, mobile exhibition display unit

  • European Think Thank, furniture for public area


Amanda Crabtree

Amanda Crabtree established artconnexion, an independent non-profit cultural production agency in Lille in 1994 and joined the organisation full-time in 2001. Prior to this, she worked at the British Council, Paris, Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing, Le Magasin contemporary art centre, Grenoble and the Centre d'art contemporain of Geneva. She currently directs artconnexion and curates major exhibitions and public realm projects.


She teaches at the University of Lille and directs the Master's programme 'Art & Society' with a particular focus on the production of contemporary art works within the public realm. She has just established a short-course University Diploma entitled “Reclaiming art”.

Her research interests focus on public art practice and she is currently writing on the work of American artist Mierle Laderman Ukeles.

La Maison Forestiere Wilfred Owen by Simon Patterson 2011 a_web.jpg
La Maison Forestiere Wilfred Owen by Simon Patterson 2011 a_web.jpg
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