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Architectural Horizons of New Patrons

& Public Art, Health and Wellbeing

Amanda Crabtree presents a series of architectural projects commissioned under the New Patrons’ programme:

  • Canal house, Roubaix

  • Wilfred Owen forester’s house, Ors

  • Views, Nesflaten, Norway

  • Tug boat house, Burgandy

  • Fishermens’ shelter, Burgandy

  • Trébedon primary school, Brittany

  • Market place, Burgandy

  • Hospital Mortuary rooms, Garches

As a respondent, Jennifer discusses new and holistic approaches to including culture and local community representation in the built environment.  Following Jennifer Gordon, Mari Linnman, mediator as part of 3CA and board member of Société des Nouveaux commanditaires en arts & sciences, presented a series of commission carried in hospitals, clinics and other spaces of care:

· Monument of images, Paul-Brousse hospital, Ville-juif

· Near the Acacia, specialised autism unit, Etampes

· La Nursery garden, Mayotte and La Réunion – (French overseas territories)

As a Respondent, Glen Lowry looks at questions of public engagement and the shifting landscape of contemporary public art. Relevant to the conversation on Art and Health is a special issue of Cogent, Glen co-edited with Susan Cox (UBC) and Jaqueline Davidson (Emily Carr University):

About 3CA

Created in 1998, 3CA is a not-for-profit organisation located in Paris. Its purpose is to support the creation, production, distribution and reception of works of art.


3CA instructs and accompanies contemporary art projects from their definition to their realization and invents new modalities in the production and distribution of works. Its ambition is to encourage dialogue between citizens and artists and to offer the greatest number of people the possibility of discovering the multiple forms of today's artistic creation.


A member of the Société Nouveaux Commanditaires Arts & Sciences, 3CA has been implementing the Nouveaux Commanditaires action since 1999. 3CA was founded and is directed by Mari Linnman


La Maison Forestiere Wilfred Owen by Simon Patterson 2011 a_web.jpg
La Maison Forestiere Wilfred Owen by Simon Patterson 2011 a_web.jpg

Amanda Crabtree
Amanda Crabtree established artconnexion, an independent non-profit cultural production agency in Lille in 1994 and joined the organisation full-time in 2001. Prior to this, she worked at the British Council, Paris, Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains, Tourcoing, Le Magasin contemporary art centre, Grenoble and the Centre d'art contemporain of Geneva. She currently directs artconnexion and curates major exhibitions and public realm projects.


She teaches at the University of Lille and directs the Master's programme 'Art & Society' with a particular focus on the production of contemporary art works within the public realm. She has just established a short-course University Diploma entitled “Reclaiming art”.

Her research interests focus on public art practice and she is currently writing on the work of American artist Mierle Laderman Ukeles.

J Gordon headshot.jpg
J Gordon headshot_edited.png

Jennifer Gordon

Jennifer Gordon is Director, Centre for Creative Business Innovation & Director, Humber Galleries with Humber College. She holds a studio BFA, a BEd in Visual Arts/English, and a MFA in Creative Writing. An advocate for sustainable growth in the Canadian arts and cultural sectors, Jennifer has held roles in cultural business development/upskilling, arts administration, and acted as recruitment and organisational development consultant at the local to international level for the cultural industries. Most recently she serves as Co-Chair for Cultural Recovery for the City of Toronto as part of CivicLabTO, a research consortium between the City and its post-secondary institutions, for which she also sits on the Steering Committee.

La Maison Forestiere Wilfred Owen by Simon Patterson 2011 a_web.jpg
La Maison Forestiere Wilfred Owen by Simon Patterson 2011 a_web.jpg

Mari Linnman

Mari Linnman, is a curator and cultural mediator trained at the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris and the École du Magasin in Grenoble. She has implemented some thirty artistic commissions in various places, dealing with issues related to education, research, health and the environment.


Glen Lowry

Glen Lowry is the Executive Director and Advisor to the Provost for Partnerships, Outreach and Research at OCAD University. Trained as a literary theorist (PhD in English), Glen has published widely on contemporary Canadian literature and culture, and he is a specialist in cross-disciplinary collaborations and creative practice-led research. Self-described as a production-side cultural theorist, embedded critic, and unsettled settler, Glen works across critical and creative modalities—scholarly research, poetics, design, visual art,  publishing, and public engagement—to engage a range of community stakeholders and publics. Discussion of this work was recently published  in Knowings and Knots: Methodologies and Ecologies in Research-Creation, ed. Natalie Loveless, U of Albert Press, 2019.

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